StreetJuiceTv CEO, StreetJuice aka Street aka Juice is a 2000s baby. Born in the summer of 2000. Having a passion for going viral from posting whatever content he liked on Facebook since the age of 11. His Og’s stayed on his ass and raised him not to be in the streets. But he was still raised by positive, real, and rich “Og principle teachings” on how to be a honest, clean, good man. One could say he had a lot of good influence growing up in Columbia, South Carolina.

Elementary too, but MIDDLE SCHOOL was lit! First got the juice in middle school (had the juice since 7th grade). Since he was guided not to be in the streets as a jit, after 1 fight freshman year he decided he’s never getting in trouble again and isolated himself from peers to focus and meditate on success of becoming a brain surgeon; to help his mom and family financially.

He maintained a 4.0 gpa from Freshman to first semester Junior year at a predominantly white high school in the country, in Honors, AP, and Early College courses to get exposure, credits, and resume additions for a career in the medical field (madukes moved em off the Norff end of 7th grade school year, been gettin too lit).

Early in his Junior year everyone knew he had big plans and dreams to go to college while excelling academically and extra-curricular wise in high school. He was placed in a mental hospital and put on psychiatric drugs to slow him down. The Airport High School principle, who was in charge of the decision, Dawn Dimmler, was arrested and fired the following school year for having sex with a student, that same academic. He moved from Airport and graduated from Swansea High School with a 3.8 GPA. Much trauma was caused.

He did graduate on-time after moving to a new school, (left school early everyday at 10:00) he dropped out of college to primarily focus on his passion of blogging after finally making his own name and brand.

So, basically StreetJuice was always full of ambition and drive, just finding his outlet to fully focus on his desires and reach his highest potentials has been the only temporary setback. Even to this present year, 2021. He’s achieved miracle success with his brand in his blog career since 2019. Making superior progress in the first 2 years. However Instagram has disabled and republished his account over 10 times. Now it is time for him to primarily focus on his own website. To be continued …..