On Sunday, April 19, a shooting was streamed on Facebook Live in Bessemer, Alabama. At the time of the shooting, there were more than 6,000 active viewers. OG Chris, the man taking the video, pulled up to a Shell gas station and proceeded to get into a discussion with another individual before gunshots were fired.

According to Carol Robinson, a public safety reporter for Alabama Media Group, the gunshots heard in this video were possibly from another individual. The reporter said, “They hit the car and the car of the man who stopped to help.”

After OG Chris came into contact with another individual in the video, he said: “Tell them I ain’t scared.” Gunshots are then heard in the video, and moments later, the message “Broadcast interrupted” appeared.

During the Facebook Live stream, one viewer said, “Bruh go to the hospital, this s**t not worth it. [You] shouldn’t want [your] son growing up without [you].”

OG Chris Is Reportedly Alive & Suffering From a Potential Dislocated Hip

Carol Robinson posted on social media: “Great news- though multiple shots were fired in Bham and Bessemer this afternoon, the young man on the Facebook Live was not actually shot. He may have dislocated his hip, but he is alive and well.”

She also posted a picture of OG Chris after the incident


WILD VIDEO: Alabama Man Shot On FB Live Tells His Opps To Finish Him At The Store Then This Happens

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